FotoMagico 6.3.2 Mac Free Download


FotoMagico lets you create professional slideshows from your photos and music with just a few, simple mouse clicks. It sports a very clean and intuitive yet powerful user interface. High image quality, fast performance, and user flexibility were some of the design goals for this application.

FotoMagico 6.3.2 Mac Free Download

You can drag-and-drop as many pictures as you like over the Timeline panel, attach background music to your presentation, and include videos in your project. Once you finish adding content to your presentation, click the “Options” button and start configuring the output settings according to your needs. The app lets you apply various transition effects, adjust the sound volume, add borders to the inserted images, and so much more.

Key Features

Have an idea for a slide show?
Drag and drop images and movies from your library into FotoMagico’s storyboard. If you want to change the order, simply drag and drop your media files into the arrangement you want.

Would you like to insert a transition?
Click the Options icon and choose your favorite transition from the drop-down menu. With a few clicks you can create an impressive slideshow.

Share your stories
Present your slideshow online, offline or even on your iPad. Create unforgettable moments and impress with animations of photos, videos, transitions and sounds.

Let’s talk about technology
Create your project in the resolution you want – HD, 4k or even 8k? FotoMagico can do that and only the performance of your current computer hardware limits your dream resolution.

additional modules? Allinclusive!
As a photographer, you want to take great pictures that speak to your audience’s emotions. With FotoMagico, you can freely flow these images into a slideshow and mix them with movies to impress your audience. Voiceover is also just a drag-and-drop away.

With FotoMagico you can create polished shows with sound and high-quality transitions in just a few minutes. Like the Mac and iPad themselves, it never gets in your way.

Storyboard mode
Start your project by arranging images, videos, and music clips in Storyboard mode. The story snippets can inspire you in visual storytelling and add some placeholder images for you.

Timeline mode
Your slide show can only shine with precise control of transitions, effects and animations. Timeline mode makes it easy to fine-tune every aspect of your slideshow with German precision.

Grab your audience’s attention with still image animations. Zooming effects can make all the difference when used with care. The precise control of animations makes FotoMagico the Swiss army knife for creating attractive slideshows.

Combine up to 6 layers of photos, videos or titles for unlimited creative freedom. Use masks to make layers partially transparent and work creatively with multiple files.

Immediate presentation
With no render time, you can play your slideshow instantly in full resolution. This saves you the stress of making last-minute changes and gives you a great real-time experience.

Snippets (Addons)
Snippets are add-ons for FotoMagico. Subscription includes all past and upcoming snippets. There are titles, frames, music, and story snippets that enrich FotoMagico’s features and assets.

Media Browser
FotoMagico’s media browser automatically displays images and video clips from your Apple Photos library and provides access to local storage, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and other data providers.

Optimize images
Apply high-quality effects such as color correction, sepia, vignette or black and white to give your photos that extra something. Color match the images and give your slideshow a modern look.

Work with videos the same way you work with photos. FotoMagico will make any necessary adjustments to the slideshow settings.

Add music from your music library or download royalty-free music.

audio markers
Enhance your slideshow by synchronizing image and sound transitions. Timing transitions at the right time helps provide emotional support for your story. Audio markers help cut to the beat of the music. The audio marker wizard even recognizes our music tracks and adds corresponding markers to the beat.

Music Snippets
Download additional music snippets for free and save yourself hours of searching for the right tune. The included music snippets cover all kinds of moods. Each track is preconfigured with audio markers to speed up the visual transitions to the beat of the music.

iCloud sync
Save your slideshows to your iCloud Drive to sync them between iPad® and Mac®.

FotoMagico 6.3.2 Mac Free Download

What’s new in version 6.3.2

  • Replacing placeholder images in snippets with smart groups (e.g. many in the Splitscreens section) now works correctly and no longer messes up the animation.
  • Dragging around layers that belong to a smart group no longer breaks the smart group. This bug caused some Splitscreen snippets to misbehave after being manually modified.
  • Searching for locations (e.g. cities) in the Map Assistant now also works on macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Looped chapters that contain only a single slide now work correctly. Animations are reset to the beginning when looping around.
  • Audio with locked timing in a looped chapter now gets reset to the start when looping around.
  • Internal stability improvements.

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • Mac OS 10.15.2 or later

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