Visual Attributed String 2.3.2 For Mac OSX


Visual Attributed String 2.3.2 For Mac OSXVisual Attributed String 2.3.2 for Mac is a versatile WYSIWYG editor used to create NSAttributedStrings for iOS and Mac apps by writing text and applying effects to words and paragraphs in the document as you would in any word processing app! The Visible Theme Series is the most advanced WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) for attributed strings.

When submitting strings attributed to code, you make strategic guesses about which attributes to use and what values ​​to apply to each attribute. If you don’t like the result of a hand-drawn chain, stop your app and try again. The visual referral chain eliminates this pain. Simply write what you want and let Visual Attributed String generate the code for you!

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Visual Attributed String 2.3.2 Full macOS Features

  • Platform-specific icon: Create an icon to generate NSAttributedStrings for iOS and OS X.
  • Generates both Swift AND Objective-C!
  • Get the code for the entire document by clicking “Code” on the toolbar!
  • Get the icon for only the selected parts of text by right-clicking and selecting the “Code for Selection” menu item! This allows you to get code for individual words / paragraphs as you need them in a long document with many different text styles!
  • Smart Code Generation: The visual attribute is smart enough to generate code for NSAttributedString and
  • NSMutableAttributedString based on written text!
  • Easily add emojis and emoticons to their attributes by clicking on the Special Characters toolbar item to bring up the Character Panel!
  • Change the background of the entire document to see how your text will look against different background colors. If you want to get the document background color icon, you can simply right-click and select the “Background color icon” menu item!
  • Add images to the attributed wires! Simply drag and drop an image from the Finder onto the window to add images to the document! Did you know that NSAttributedString is able to display images?
  • Custom font warning: The visual theme series will warn you if your document uses a custom font not included in the iOS SDK!
  • Visual Attributed String is a document-based application that supports features such as autosave, duplicating documents, renaming documents, and releasing document versions!
  • Powerful and simple interface for text design! The visual theme series provides an interface to edit many themes. To learn more about Visual Attributed String, visit the Visual Attributed String official website.

Visual Attributed String 2.3.2 For Mac OSX

Visual Attributed String Includes:

  • Font (NSFontAttributeName)
  • Font Color (NSForegroundColorAttributeName)
  • Font Background Color (NSBackgroundColorAttributeName)
  • Kern (NSKernAttributeName)
  • Skew (NSObliquenessAttributeName)
  • Shadow (NSShadowAttributeName)
  • Underline (NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName)
  • Underline Color (NSUnderlineColorAttributeName)
  • Strikethrough (NSStrikethroughStyleAttributeName)
  • Strikethrough Color (NSStrikethroughColorAttributeName)
  • Link (NSLinkAttributeName)
  • Stroke (NSStrokeWidthAttributeName)
  • Stroke Color (NSStrokeColorAttributeName)
  • Paragraph Style (NSParagraphStyleAttributeName)
  • Tool Tip (NSToolTipAttributeName)
  • Attaching Images (NSAttachmentAttributeName)
  • Baseline (NSBaselineOffsetAttributeName)

What’s New in Version 2.3.2

  • Added a preference that allows you to choose the default programming language (Objective-C or Swift) to generate attributed string code in the first time a document is opened.
  • Added a preference that allows you to choose the default platform (macOS or iOS) to generate attributed string code in the first time a document is opened.
  • Segmented control in the user interface now says “macOS” instead of “OS X.”

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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