Sparkle Pro for Mac 5.0.3 Torrent


Forget everything you know about building websites, Sparkle Pro 5.0.3 is the Mac amazing website builder unlike any other. With the help of this app, you can build amazing websites  very easy and quick methods. This software is the best for all those users who don’t have the knowledge to build a website. Introducing Sparkle, the website builder for people who don’t (usually) build websites.

Sparkle Pro for Mac 3.1 Torrent

It is a powerful Mac application that combines an all-in-one approach with an understandable interface and a focus on producing high-performance websites and optimized search engines. Traditionally, a website is created by drawing a layout in an image editor, preparing and exporting assets, and finally compiling and optimizing the website in a learning- and terminology-heavy context. This is a boring, uncomplicated, error-prone function that Sparkle completely eliminates.

Sparkle Pro for Mac 5.0.3 Torrent Features

  • Quickly add galleries, video, audio, maps, social buttons, and downloadable files
  • Web fonts, retina graphics and delightful animations for stunning output quality
  • Visual contact form creation
  • Default wireframe look to share your site at any stage of construction
  • You’re never constrained by a rigid page structure or by templates
  • Mobile device support via phone and tablet specific layouts
  • Live preview of your site on computers, tablets and phones, while you edit
  • Built-in incremental FTP to rapidly publish to any web host
  • Privacy and cookie law support
  • Backed by a product-focused company praised for its support and helpfulness

Sparkle Pro for Mac 3.1 Torrent

What’s new in version 5.0.3

  • Jumpstart your website creation with our revolutionary AI-powered website generator, Figma plugin, and enhanced website importer, designed to accelerate your projects from the get-go.
  • Captivate your audience with the stunning new image and video grid, complete with an immersive lightbox experience that showcases your media in the best light.
  • Boost your visitor engagement with new interactive click actions and popup control, plus new form elements and a versatile calculator for forms, for a more dynamic and personalized user experience.
  • Experience lightning-fast website performance and boost Web Vitals and SEO, thanks to the removal of jQuery, addition of AVIF image compression, and variable width font support, ensuring your site is a cut above the rest.
All changes:
  • Added a brilliant new icon
  • Added image/video grid with multi-device and lightbox support
  • Added generic grid layout block
  • Added AI-powered website generator
  • Added Figma import plugin
  • Added layout block anchors
  • Added layout block snap scrolling
  • Added horizontal background shift for boxes
  • Added full width sizing for text boxes
  • Added background remover features: bokeh, foreground defocus, solid color background
  • Added anchor smooth scrolling with easing
  • Added layer panel filtering
  • Added text link hover/active/visited states
  • Added video with popup behaviors: autoplay when opening, auto-closing popup when autoplay ends
  • Added text effects: background clip and knockout
  • Added hover support for button image
  • Added “force download” option for file download
  • Added form slider
  • Added calculator smart field, for forms
  • Added date range option for popups
  • Added box and layout box blending mode
  • Added new interaction options: media control, social sharing, text message sending, expand/collapse layout blocks, run js code (developer option)
  • Added subject and body to the “open email” on click action
  • Improved website load/save performance, particularly for large project files
  • Improved animations: parallax clip, one time reveal and subtle fade
  • Improved layout block editing
  • Improved accessibility: font icon name is added to SVG
  • Improved website importer
  • Improved text handling: HTML Tag is now per paragraph
  • Improved SVG rendering
  • Improved performance of the published page: removed use of jquery on initial page load and lots of other baseline features, added variable width font support, AVIF image compression, browser-native lazy image loading, removed secondary js file, updates for current attention to web vitals, about 1/3 fewer images generated
  • Updated font index, now over 1600 fonts
Name : Download Sparkle Pro 5.0.3 Mac OS Full Torrent
CPU : Intel 64-bit processor
RAM Memory : Optional
Graphics : Default
OS version : macOS 10.9.0 or higher
Hard Disk : Optional
Size : 57 MB

Instructions to Install :

  1. First of all extract the zip file you have downloaded.
  2. Now make sure that you have Turned off your internet connection.
  3. Drag and drop the dmg file into your app folder.
  4. Now use Hands off or little snitch to block ongoing connections.
  5. Run it and enjoy the full software.
  6. No need for crack or serial keys.
  7. Don’t ever update.

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