SoPainted Photoshop Action For Mac OSX


SoPainted Photoshop Action mac torrent is very useful tool that allows you to create a realistic smudging effect with just one click! Simply open your photo, click the play button, then your photo will be drawn automatically in just a few minutes! 6 drawing levels ready to use on a wide range of image dimensions. You also have 15 color patterns to beautify your business. Moreover, this procedure also creates a set of tuning tools that allow you to customize the appearance after applying the action.

SoPainted Photoshop Action For Mac OSX

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SoPainted Photoshop Action For Mac Key Features

  • Easy to use. Just 1 click to paint your photo!
  • 6 painting options to cover a wide range of photo dimensions around 1000 – 5500px
  • 3 contour levels you can choose to give more details on your photo-work
  • A set of adjustment tools to simplify your works in customization
  • 15 color styles to beautify your work
  • Flexible. You can always easily tweak the look after applying the action
  • Well organized layer. All effects are created in a well-organized structure, named and have unique colors.
  • This will make you ease to work with
  • Multi-language. Compatible to work on all Photoshop languages
  • Non-Destructive. All effects are created without damaging your original photo
  • Simplify your work. You don’t need spending days or even weeks to create these painting effects manually
  • Save your time. Your photo will be painted in just a few minutes
  • Have more time to work with on more and more photos

SoPainted has been tested and successfully applied on lots of different photos without any errors on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and the latest CC (tested on English and French versions).

Manual included
Video tutorial (will be updated soon)

Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and the latest CC
RGB color mode
8 bits/channel

All Photoshop language

Envato – SoPainted Photoshop Action 2020


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