RevisionFX RE:Flex 5.4 For Mac OSX


RevisionFX RE:Flex 5.4 is a popular plugin for visual effect that allows you to create visually stunning morphs and warps with very easy and quick method. RE: Flex brings intuitive turns and warping directly to After Effects! Outstanding results are achieved with the special RE: Vision Effects technology. RE: Flex is especially easy to learn because it uses After Effects’s drawing and masking tools to guide counterfeiting and transformation; as such, there’s no need for a completely new user interface. RE: Flex consists of two additional components, RE: Flex Warp and RE: Flex Morph.

RevisionFX REFlex 5.4 For Mac OSX

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Features of RevisionFX RE:Flex 5.4 Mac Torrent

Deformation intuitive morphing
RE: Flex is easy to learn because it uses the host program ‘s own splines to direct the distorted and morphing.
Automatic image registration
RE: Flex is the first morphing program to combine hand combination of functions with automatic image registration.
No meshes! 
Draw directly on the characteristics of the image, without complicated meshes!
Support spline host
The deformation is directed through the splines and polylines host program, not through a grid of mesh points! Geometries need not be closed shapes.
Interactive Deformation: deformation while dragging see forms of control.
Comparison of vertices
Option to match vertices of corresponding geometries for fine control.
fine control
The amount and timing of deformation can be specified and cheer for each spline. The variable amount of shape transition between the geometries “from” and “to” can be specified by shape.
High quality performance
filtering subsampling best quality with anti-aliasing and filtering MipMap.
Continuous transformation
Set frames on the timeline and the morphing occurs by creating a set of image geometry “source”, and then move the assembly to the corresponding locations in the image of “destination”.
automatic alignment
Function morphology automatic alignment can be used alone or in combination with specified correlation hand. This feature can greatly improve morphs without having to specify all features by hand.
Replace frames
is also ideal for repairing frames in sequence.
GPU accelerated
This product is GPU accelerated.

RevisionFX REFlex 5.4 For Mac OSX

What’s New

  • Mac OSX – Catalina Ready
  • Intel Embedded Graphics support fix
  • On some computers, initialization could return an embedded graphics card instead of discrete card


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