PCalc 4.9.3 macOS Free Download


PCalc 4.9.3 Crack Mac is the powerful choice for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature-rich calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode and multi-line display, a choice of button layouts, an extensive set of unit conversions and constants, a paper tape, multiple undo and redo, engineering and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.

PCalc 4.9.3 macOS Free Download

Whether you’re balancing a budget, calculating interest, forecasting profit or loss, or performing more complex mathematical operations, as is common for scientific, financial, industrial, engineering, and programming professionals, PCalc’s functionality goes far beyond that of the macOS Calculator. In addition to offering the same scientific, programming, Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) mode, and so-called paper tape capabilities as Calculator, PCalc adds a litany of complex functions.

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PCalc 4.9.3 macOS Main Featuers

  • A powerful menu bar widget – do quick calculations without ever leaving your current app.
  • Switchable button layouts – choose from many different horizontal and vertical layouts. Includes all the layouts from the iPhone and iPad, as well as Mac-specific ones.
  • A full button layout editor – make your own calculator to best suit your needs, sync it automatically with iPhone and iPad, and share it with others.
  • Calculator themes – pick your look, all the way from minimalist to striking.
  • An RPN mode with one button access to the stack, and optional multiple-line display.
  • Editable user conversions, functions, and constants which are synced automatically across multiple devices.
  • Hexadecimal, octal and binary modes, complete with a variety of bitwise operators.
  • A simulated paper tape to keep track of your calculations with a “ticker tape” mode under the main display.
  • Smart searching of conversions, functions, and constants. Just search for “$ to £” for example.
  • Stylish, consistent user interface.
  • Support for Retina displays.
  • Full AppleScript support.
  • Multiple undo and redo.
  • Modern 64-bit application.
  • Handoff of in-progress calculations between PCalc on iOS, macOS, and watchOS.
  • Support for the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro.
  • Support for macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • Support for Macs with Apple Silicon or Intel processors.

PCalc 4.9.3 macOS Free Download

Installation guide

  1. Download the trial to your Desktop or other downloads folder
  2. Run the installer file (double-click on it)
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later



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