Nevercenter CameraBag Pro 2021.2.1 Mac


Nevercenter CameraBag Pro 2021.2.1 full macOS is a powerful ultra-intuitive software for filtering and editing photos and videos. This application is available for MacOS and Windows. CameraBag lets you instantly apply one of hundreds of beautiful presets to your photos (and videos with CameraBag Pro), and then dive deeper with ultra-intuitive professional adjustments. It’s no wonder Apple awarded it the #2 Mac App of the Year and Professional Photographer Magazine called it “a revolution for photo editing.”

Nevercenter CameraBag Pro 2021.2.1 Mac

With presets designed specifically for portraits, various landscape scenarios, faithful simulations of analog film stock from the past, popular modern photo styles, and more, CameraBag has you covered, even if you don’t yet know how to use all its powerful tools. CameraBag Pro is especially great for anyone who needs to apply the same style to both photos and videos – especially with batch processing of large batches of media (including watermarks/branding, resizing, and cropping). For those with professional needs, what really sets CameraBag apart from other photo editing software is how easy and powerful its advanced tools are.

Nevercenter CameraBag Pro macOS Features

  • Photo and video* processing
  • 32 bits-per-channel processing pipeline for unparalleled image quality
  • Non-destructive adjustments
  • Multi-threaded background render queue
  • RAW image editing support
  • Live image processing
  • Standalone (non-plugin)
  • Customizable interface with collapsible sections
  • Nest adjustment tiles
  • Pin adjustment tiles
  • Enable/disable adjustment tiles
  • Copy/paste adjustment tiles
  • Copy/paste adjustment tile curves
  • Full-screen quicklook filter previews
  • Hover previews for adjustments and filters
  • Quick video preview rendering*
  • Keyboard shortcut for toggling between filtered and original
  • Keyboard traversal of filters (arrow keys up and down)
  • Keyboard traversal of next and previous files (arrow keys left and right)
  • Streamlined, understandable video export settings*
  • Preset organization via files using Finder
  • Star favorite Presets in-app for easy access
  • Easy native filter import/export for sharing
  • 250+ filter presets
  • Batch processing
  • Curve-based color correction
  • Custom filter preset creation
  • Single video frame saving*
  • Watermarking
  • Cropping
  • Video trimming*
  • Aspect ratio constraining
  • Rotation
  • Interactive zoom
  • Random preset function
  • Professional histograms and scopes
  • Luminance histogram
  • RGB histogram
  • Luminance waveform
  • RGB waveform
  • Chrominance chart
  • 3D/1D LUT import (.cube format)*
  • 3D LUT export (.cube format)*
  • Redcode RAW (R3D)

What’s New

  • New Matte adjustment for a quick, adjustable matte/fade look.
  • Drop shadows added in Text Overlay adjustment, with adjustable strength and radius.
  • Improvements to watermark rendering on watermarks with variable transparency.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64bit

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