MoneyMoney for Mac 2.4.6 Torrent


MoneyMoney for Mac 2.4.6 Torrent is a german banking application used to find out where your money is coming from and where it is going. Transfers, rebooking, graphic analysis – MoneyMoney saves you the hassle of logging into the bank’s website.

MoneyMoney for Mac 2.4.6 Torrent

Important: Currently only German bank accounts are fully supported (requires FinTS / HBCI with TAN method or a HBCI smartcard). PayPal balance and transactions import does work internationally.

MoneyMoney Cracked For Mac calls up sales and balance lists via HBCI+ and FinTS with a click of the mouse and sends transfers in just a few steps. In addition to the clear list of accounts and related individual payment transactions, a neat graphic completes the account balance path.

You can find out if your bank is supported on the manufacturer’s websites. In addition, the developer offers assistance in finding the access data required to set up the account. You can optionally keep unbacked cash and bank holdings in so-called offline accounts.

MoneyMoney for Mac 2.4.6 Torrent Features

  • Support for the following transactions: remittances, reclassifications, standing orders
  • Batch file transfers
  • Supported security procedures: HBCI chip card, HBCI key file Secoder, mobileTAN smsTAN, pushTAN, photoTAN, BestSign, chipTAN visual / manual, Sm @ rtTAN, visual / manual, TAN generator, eTAN, SecureTAN, iTAN, TAN list
  • Transaction filtering and search capabilities
  • Remembers the last transfers
  • Bundles a useful sm @ rtPaste feature that enables you to swiftly copy bank related info in order to fill the new transfer
  • Can be accessed from the status bar and it uses the OS X’s message center for alerts

Supported business transactions:

  • Transfers, rebooking
  • Real-time transfers
  • Appointment transfers
  • Bulk transfers
  • Standing orders
  • International transfers

Supported security procedures:

  • HBCI chip card, HBCI key file, Secoder
  • mobileTAN, smsTAN, BestSign, photoTAN
  • pushTAN, TAN2go, SecureGo, SecureSIGN
  • chipTAN optical / QR / manual / USB / Bluetooth
  • Sm @ rtTAN optical / photo / manual / USB / Bluetooth
  • SecurePlus, activeTAN
  • appTAN, easyTAN, apoTAN, 1822TAN, QRTAN

MoneyMoney for Mac 2.4.6 Torrent

What’s New

  • With the new TAN procedure pushTAN 2.0, MoneyMoney waits a few seconds before querying the release status, as it apparently takes a while for the release carried out in the pushTAN app to also arrive in the FinTS / HBCI server.
  • Support for the Pleo credit card (sales retrieval via PSD2 interface).
  • Support for abcbank (sales retrieval with web scraping).
  • Predefined asset class for cryptocurrencies.
  • The calendar week can now also be inserted as a placeholder variable in the transfer templates.
App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
  • German bank account with FinTS / HBCI support


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