Metes and Bounds 6.0.2 For Mac


Metes and Bounds lets you generate deed plot maps using metes and bounds data. Although the developer has done the best to make this application as easy to use as possible, it is not one of those tools you can start to use right away without any help. That is probably why it comes with lots of documentation in the form of tutorials and user guides. Besides, the effort to flatten the learning curve by means of wizards is also appreciated.

Enter measurements in rods, chains, meters, yards, inches, fathoms, hands, spans, or furlongs. Angles can be given down to minutes and seconds. Can auto-close a plot drawing if the final plot segment is missing. Calculate area. Custom labels and backgrounds. Split single plots into multiple plots. GPS Waypoints and more.

Key Features

Easy to use data entry form: Enter lines, curves, azimuths, compass points and section calls. Data can be entered using the convenient Data Entry Form or freehand using word processor style entry. Calls can also be easily drawn using the call drawing tool.

Background Pictures: Background pictures can be set to scale with your plot drawing. Background picture scale settings can be automatically set using World Files.

Multiple Layers: Layers allow you to have multiple deeds on a single drawing. Layers can be free floating or locked to a common starting point.

Perform calculations: Square Feet, Acres, Hectares, perimeter distance and more.

Metes and Bounds will calculate if the survey closes or not. Calculate closure errors: closing error ratios and the call needed to close the plot. Apply Compass Rule Adjustments.

The Metes and Bounds closing error analyzer tool can look for common entry or survey errors and offer suggestions on how to correct them.

Auto-Completion of drawing. If you’re missing the final segment of your land plotting data, let our Metes and Bounds land plotting software finish it for you. Have a bad or missing call? Enter a question mark (?) for the call and let the software find the missing call for you. Close drawings using Bearing-Bearing Intersections and Distance-Distance Intersections.

Multiple measurement types: Data can be entered using feet, meters, rods, chains, varas and many other measurement types.

Importing: Metes and Bounds can import data from many types of DXF files, KML files, CSV files, Shapefiles(.shp), GeoJSON and more.

Call lists can be formatted for importing into Metes and Bounds or exporting from Metes and Bounds with other deed plotting software such as Net Deed Plotter® by Greenbrier Graphics, LLC.

Real-world X,Y coordinates. Export real-world X,Y coordinates for integration with other mapping software such as GIS software.

Waypoints to metes and bounds calls. Convert a set of waypoints, x/y or Latitude/Longitude based, into a list of metes and bounds calls.

Enter Waypoints and Tracks. Add GPS waypoints and tracks to your drawings. Import GPX and KML files. Make calculations like the distance between two waypoints.

What’s new in version 6.0.2

  • The layer order window can now sort the layers alphabetically.
  • The layer attributes grid form can now view just the invisible layers.
  • The layer attributes grid form can now set selected layers to Visible/Invisible.
  • The SPCS to MAB call form can now copy the call to the clipboard.
  • The call drawing tool now works while in the data entry mode.
  • The Lat/Long Calculator now shows the distance, angle and bearing automatically.
  • The Lat/Long Calculator now has the ability to create a call from the shown bearing.
  • The Lat/Long Calculator now has the ability to copy the shown bearing to the clipboard.
  • Fixed several issues with the data entry mode not handling extended call data properly.
  • The measurement tool now works with the data entry mode.
  • Open As Layer no longer changes the north arrow style.
  • Open As Layer no longer changes the DrawingOriginLat/Long.
  • Open As Layer no longer replaces the existing floating text with the Open As floating text.

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.10 or later

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