Maxprog iCash 7.8.1 For Mac OS


Maxprog iCash 7.8.1 For Mac OSMaxprog iCash 7.8.1 is an easy-to-use, full-featured and multi-purpose Personal Finance Software for Macintosh specially designed to track incomes, expenses, credits, debts, and bank transactions. It offers unlimited categories, multiple account creation, multiple currencies, SQL back-end engine, password protection, export / import procedures, search functions, and drag-and-drop support (macOS and Windows). This application is very popular among all MacBook users for its reliability and unique features.

iCash is versatile and easy to use. For this reason, the principle of double-entry bookkeeping is not used, which makes it much easier to use by people with little or no accounting knowledge. Simply create accounts for all your expenses, income, banks … and start transferring money between them! It will then allow you to know the source of all your money and where to go. All accounts are well organized according to user-defined categories and built-in types, so reports can be designed to include all records or accounts that only meet specified criteria. It also allows you to get as many documents as possible from the money manager as necessary so that you can control almost anything from clubs, associations, home etc. at the same time.

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Maxprog iCash 7.8.1 macOS Key Features

  • Discover and use your language, if any.
  • No accounting knowledge required, no dual-entry bookkeeping.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use and versatile interface.
  • Share your documents between your Mac and your computer without problems.
  • Unlimited accounts, categories and contacts.
  • Classify logical account by category and type.
  • Support multiple currencies with the exchange rate manager.
  • Automatic balance of transactions and reconciliation.
  • Support for scheduled and recurring transactions.
  • Full budget support with a customizable calculator.
  • Project classification of transactions for inquiries and reporting.
  • Predefined customizable reports.
  • Recordable advanced inquiries and statistics.
  • Create a chart by account, type, and category, including profit and loss.
  • Fast import and export of categories, accounts and transactions. (OFX, QIF, CSV)
  • Powerful SQL database engine with automatic backup protection.
  • Multiple document interface with password protection.

Maxprog iCash 7.8.1 For Mac OS

Name : Download Maxprog iCash 7.8.1 Mac OS Full Torrent
CPU : Intel 64
RAM Memory : Optional
Graphics : Default
OS version : macOS 10.7 or Newer
Hard Disk : Optional
Size : 54.5 MB

Instruction to Install :

  1. First of all extract the zip file you have downloaded.
  2. Now make sure that you have Turned off your internet connection.
  3. Drag and droop the dmg file into your app folder.
  4. Now use Hands off or little snitch to block ongoing connections.
  5. Run it and enjoy the full software.
  6. No need for crack or serial keys.
  7. Don’t ever update.

Maxprog iCash


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