Keep It for Mac 1.10.6 Torrent


Keep It for Mac 1.10.6 Full Torrent is a Multi-purpose app that helps users to write notes, keep things, and find them again. Keep It is a notebook, scrapbook, and organizer, ideal for writing notes, keeping web links, storing documents, images or any kind of file, and finding them again.

Keep It for Mac 1.10.6 Torrent

It is available for the Mac, and as a separate Universal app for iOS. Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later. Seamless syncing through iCloud allows you to use Keep it on all of your devices. This week Allison dives deep into Keep It, goes through its many features, and shows you how it can help you make sense of all the pieces of information you want to keep track of in your digital life.

In My Opinion

When Keep It was called Together, it was more of a general-purpose library for documents, with a so-so iOS app. The reincarnation as KeepIt (which was a reversion to the name before Together) is marketed now as a note-taking app. With support for markdown, it does very well at that. There are lots of additional features – I think Keep It has shaped up to be a good notebook for people who write or clip/import a lot of text.

Keep It for Mac 1.10.6 Torrent Features

View and Edit

  • Create notes, stationery and open anything in its own window or tab
  • Summaries in the list and enhanced thumbnails, on both Mac and iOS
  • Predefined and custom styles for notes
  • Insert dividers in notes
  • Improved file attachments in notes
  • Add highlights and notes to PDF documents, and rotate and remove pages
  • Rotate images between landscape and portrait
  • Edit Markdown files with syntax coloring and a choice of editor and preview styles.
  • See a word count for notes, rich text and plain text documents
  • Show margins to constrain the width when editing text items to aid readability
  • Automatically rename items created from stationery
  • Compact Mode for working alongside other apps as a window or in split view
  • Dark mode on macOS Mojave and later

Organize and Manage

  • Favorites Bar for quick access to lists
  • Folders can show all items in nested folders and bundles
  • iCloud sharing for both folders and individual items
  • Double-click folders to focus the sidebar on them and the things they contain
  • Recents list shows added and edited items across all your Macs and iOS devices
  • Selecting multiple items shows options to add them to a bundle, move to a folder, change the label or add tags
  • Color-coded lists
  • Each list can have its own sort and view settings
  • See and search a list of tags in the Info view, and when tagging items in the list
  • The sidebar can be hidden and will reappear when you drag to the side of the window
  • Deleted items automatically removed after 30 days
  • Unfiled list shows anything not in a folder or bundle


  • Share extension can now add text, links, files, photos and movies, and when using it you can add tags, choose locations, and append text to notes. With iCloud, changes will appear on other devices almost instantly
  • Bookmarklet can now either import a link or the selected text from a web page
  • Import from a scanner, or directly from your iPad or iPhone with Continuity Camera in macOS Mojave

Search and Filter

  • Search suggestions for drilling down to exactly what you need
  • Text recognition makes scanned PDFs and images searchable, including attachments
  • Use keywords when searching, and natural language for dates
  • Save searches that work consistently across Macs and iOS
  • Tag Filter can filter combinations of tags in the same straightforward way on both Mac and iOS

Keep It for Mac 1.10.6 Torrent

App requirements:

  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.15.0 or later

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