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Hopper Disassembler 5.9.0 For Mac, the reverse engineering tool that lets you disassemble, decompile and debug your applications. This tool will let you disassemble any binary you want, and provide you all the information about its content, like imported symbols, or the control flow graph! Hopper can retrieve procedural information about the disassembled code like the stack variables, and lets you name all the objects you want.

Hopper is able to transform the assembly language into a pseudo-code that is easier to understand! You can use its internal Python scripting engine to analyze binaries the way you want (this feature works only with Lion)! Starting from version 2.0, Hopper can even use GDB to debug programs!

And, last but not least, unlike all other tools of its kind, Hopper is perfectly integrated into the OS X environment.

Key Features

Hopper is perfectly adapted to the environment. The macOS version makes full use of the Cocoa framework, and the Linux version makes use of Qt 5.

Hopper analyzes function’s prologues to extract procedural information such as basic blocks and local variables.

With the Hopper SDK, you’ll be able to extend Hopper’s features, and even write your own file format and CPU support.

Control Flow Graph
Once a procedure has been detected, Hopper displays a graphical representation of the control flow graph. You can even export a PDF.

Most of the Hopper features can be invoked from Python scripts, giving you the ability to transform a binary in any way you want.

Hopper can use LLDB or GDB, which lets you debug and analyze the binary in a dynamic way (Intel CPU only).

Even if Hopper can disassemble any kind of Intel executable, it does not forget its main platform. Hopper is specialized in retrieving Objective-C information in the files you analyze, like selectors, strings and messages sent.

Based on an advanced understanding of the executable Hopper can present a pseudo-code representation of the procedures found in an executable.

This new version of Hopper is able to decode the mangled Swift names. No more cryptic names!

Use tabs to create workspaces with different representations of the file.

Semantic Coloration
The analysis performed by Hopper separates code from data, memory accesses from stack variables… And to help you understand the various discovered objects, Hopper will use a different color to each of them.

Use the embedded type editor to create your own structures, unions, or enumerated types. It greatly helps the understanding of the code to use symbols, rather than raw numbers.

What’s new in version 5.9.0

  • Exports more symbols from the DYLD shared cache,
  • Fixes an issue when decompiling conditional ARM instructions using the LS condition,
  •  Improves the disassembly of ARM instructions using an imm12 encoded field.

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • macOS 10.13 or later

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