Escape Medical Viewer 5.2.11 Download For Mac


Escape Medical Viewer is a DICOM viewer software designed for medical imaging professionals and students. It allows users to view and analyze medical images in DICOM format, including CT, MRI, and X-ray images.

The software appears to offer a range of features, including multiplanar reconstruction, MIP/MPR/VR visualization, image fusion, and 3D rendering. It also supports various image adjustment options, such as window leveling and zooming.

According to the website, the Escape Medical Viewer software is compatible with macOS 10.12 and later, and it is available as a free download. It may be a useful tool for medical professionals and students who need to view and analyze medical images on a Mac platform.

It’s worth noting that while the software appears to be free, it may have certain limitations or restrictions on its use. It’s always important to read the terms and conditions of any software before downloading or using it, to ensure that it meets your needs and complies with any relevant regulations or standards. Also Download Nomad Factory Analog Mastering Tools 5.13 For Mac

Key Features

  1. DICOM image viewing: The software is designed specifically for viewing DICOM images, which are commonly used in medical imaging.
  2. Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR): This feature allows users to view images in multiple planes (such as axial, coronal, and sagittal) simultaneously.
  3. Maximum intensity projection (MIP): MIP is a technique that allows users to visualize the highest pixel intensity along a given projection path, which can be useful in identifying areas of interest.
  4. Volume rendering: The software supports volume rendering, which allows users to create 3D visualizations of medical images.
  5. Image fusion: This feature allows users to overlay two or more images to create a composite view, which can be useful in identifying changes over time or in comparing images from different modalities.
  6. Window leveling: The software supports window leveling, which allows users to adjust the brightness and contrast of an image to improve visibility.
  7. Zooming and panning: The software allows users to zoom in and out of images, as well as pan across them to explore different areas of interest.

Overall, these features make Escape Medical Viewer a powerful tool for medical professionals and students who need to view and analyze DICOM images on a Mac platform.

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11¬†or later


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