ChronoAgent 2.2.1 Fix For Mac


High-Performance Remote File Sharing​

ChronoAgent is an invisible app that runs silently in the background providing ChronoSync or InterConneX a direct connection to a remote Mac. It provides a much more secure, reliable and higher performance connection than standard file sharing. If you’re synchronizing or backing up files between two Macs, ChronoAgent is simply the best way to establish a connection between them.

ChronoAgent 2.2.1 Fix For Mac

With ChronoSync, you can use your ChronoAgent-enabled Mac for remote backups and folder synchronization. With InterConneX, you can browse folders on your ChronoAgent-enabled Mac, display files from the remote Mac, and even pull files to your iDevice, if needed.

When you install ChronoAgent, you’ll get a new entry in the System Preferences. The new module comes with a number of parameters you can set, including one that manages security and WAN access (Internet!). Without any configuration, ChronoAgent worked on my local network of two Macs. A bit tweaking and finding out how to allow access over the Internet lets you access your ChronoAgent Mac from anywhere else in the world. Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2020.2.0 Full macOS

ChronoAgent For Mac Key Features

Faster than File Sharing
Provides a direct, high performance, encrypted connection that is safer, faster & more reliable than macOS’s built-in file sharing.

Wake on Demand
By using Wake-on-LAN or Wake-on-Demand technology, you can configure your computer to automatically wake up when a connection is requested.

Locally Monitor via Menu
Menu that displays the running status of ChronoAgent and other useful information.

View all features
Remotely Monitor via ChronoMonitor
Use ChronoMonitor to report on the general health and information of an agent and details of running sync tasks.

Easily require ChronoAgent connections to be encrypted. This is important when communicating on public networks and over the internet.

Volume Restrictions
Allow access to specific volumes and all other volumes instantly become off-limits.

What’s new in version 2.2.1

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug in the volume info cache whereby it wasn’t really collecting information about local volumes. The bug was introduced after the first update to v2.

ChronoAgent 2.2.1 Fix For Mac

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • macOS 10.12.0 or later

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