Aescripts Bodymovin 5.6.2 macOS


Aescripts Bodymovin 5.6.2 is an After Effects plugin for Lottie Animation Export. Animations are exported by default as .json files that use the lottie.js player that comes with the plugin. You can submit animations in the browser on svg, canvas, and html. It supports a subset of the After Effects features. Animation can also be played on iOS and Android using Lottie. You can render animations in the browser on svg, canvas and html.

Aescripts Bodymovin 5.6.2 macOS

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Aescripts Bodymovin for After Effects macOS Supported Features

  • Shapes 
    • paths, ellipses, stars, rectangles
    • fills, stroke, gradient fills and gradient strokes
    • dashes
    • trim paths (partial)
    • rounded corners
    • transforms (position, anchor point, rotate, scale, opacity, skew, skew axis)
  • Solids
  • Images
  • Comps
  • Nulls
  • Texts
    • Most fonts are supported, they can be exported as shapes or as text provided you load the font on the browser
    • A single text declination is supported per textbox.
    • Not supported: text decorations like Small caps, or Vertical Scale.
  • Cameras (partial)
  • Expressions
    • Expressions. Partially supported. More and more expressions are supported on each release.
    • If you have any trouble with one, let us know.
    • Expression sliders are supported.

General supported properties

  • transform (rotate,scale,position,anchor point, opacity)
  • time remap
  • masks (additive, and in some cases difference, inverted and subtractive)
  • luma and alpha masks (with the svg renderer)

Supported effects (with the svg/html renderer)

  • fill
  • pro levels
  • drop shadow
  • tint
  • tritone

Aescripts Bodymovin 5.6.2 macOS


After Effects 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014

What’s New

– Fix lottie importer gradient data without keyframes
– Added hidden layers and hidden properties support for importer
– Improved error messaging
– Added assetsPath configuration for typescript
– fixed mangled lottie declaration


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