Acon Digital Acoustica Premium Edition 7.3.10 For Mac


Acon Digital Acoustica Premium Edition 7.3.10 Torrent is a powerful application for audio editing, mastering and restoration work on both Mac and PC. Acoustica Premium Edition has powerful editing features include section editing, spectral and multi-track up to 2021 surround sound. The latest version adds leg separation based on artificial intelligence.

Acon Digital Acoustica Premium Edition 7.2.0 For Mac

Acon Digital Acoustica Premier Edition For Mac adds a new dialog extraction tool that automatically removes background noise from the dialog. Moreover, the premium version offers advanced features like spectral editing with powerful retouching algorithms and multi-channel support of up to 7.3.10 surround. Award-winning plugins are included Equalize 2, Verberate 2, Restoration Suite 2 and Mastering Suite. The Transfer Plugin makes voice transfers between Pro Tools and Acoustica easy.

Both versions provide the same flexible user interface with docking window parts, and give access to an arsenal of real-time analysis tools, including EBU R-128 and ITU-R BS.1770 compatible loudness calibration, true peak level measurement, phase correlation measurements, and Spectrum analysis. New in version 7.3 is support for workspace files that contain a list of open files, processing string content and window layout.

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Features of Acon Digital Acoustica Premium Edition 7.3.10

  • Supported driver models for audio recording and playback (Mac)
  • Cleaning Wizard that simplifies LP or tape to CD transfers
  • Timer and input level triggered recording
  • Number of undo and redo levels
  • Ultra-fast non-destructive editing engine
  • Standard-cut, copy, paste and mix editing
  • Optional Auto de-click at splice points
  • Maximum number of audio channels
  • Maximum sample rate
  • Supported bit resolutions
  • Includes the same set of pro-quality tools as Acon’s Restoration Suite
  • Loaded with high-quality processing tools including Acon’s Verberate and Equalize reverb and EQ plug-ins
  • Multiband dynamics processing lets you process multiple frequency bands independently
  • Examine the fine details of your audio with powerful analysis tools
  • Ensures compliance with EBU R128 loudness measurement standards
  • Great-sounding sample rate conversion and dithering algorithms

Acon Digital Acoustica Premium Edition 7.2.0 For Mac

What’s New New in Version 7.3:

  • Most Important New Features at a Glance
  • Native support for Apple Silicon processors such as Apple M1
  • Acoustica Premium Edition adds four new plug-ins for dialogue post-production based on deep learning:
    • Extract:Dialogue
    • DeWind:Dialogue
    • DeRustle:Dialogue
    • DeBuzz:Dialogue
  • Improved selection tools in the spectral editor: Geometries can now be moved and resized
  • Improved Remix tool with adjustable sensitivity for each stem and a separate download is no longer required
  • Improved audio quality of the Time Stretch and Transpose tools
  • Several improvements in the multitrack editor, including clip fades, region selection with optional looping and snapping
  • Files can now be dragged from the Media File Browser and dropped in the clip editor, multitrack sessions or CD projects
Name : Download Acon Digital Acoustica Premium Edition 7.3.10 Mac OS Full Torrent
CPU : Intel 64
RAM Memory : 1 GB RAM
Graphics : Default
OS version : macOS 10.8 or Newer
Hard Disk : 1 GB Hard Disk
Size : 292 MB

Instruction to Install :

  1. First of all extract the zip file you have downloaded.
  2. Now make sure that you have Turned off your internet connection.
  3. Drag and droop the dmg file into your app folder.
  4. Now use Hands off or little snitch to block ongoing connections.
  5. Run it and enjoy the full software.
  6. No need for crack or serial keys.
  7. Don’t ever update.

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